Custom Wood Doors for Clients Throughout the Charleston, SC Area

MW Millworks manufactures interior and exterior doors, as well as door units. With a variety of profiles, panels, glass, and wood species, the possibilities are limitless. Virtually any size and design are available, as well as custom DP-50 and IMPACT-rated entry doors.

When you think about what a door should do, there are really two critical things to look for when selecting your door provider:

You want to make sure that the doors you will be selling to homes and businesses can withstand the strongest forces that nature has to offer

You’d like to know that your door provider can offer a wide selection of designs and styles for the doors they sell

In addition to our collection of custom wood doors, we also manufacture custom moulding & trim for clients looking to update the interior of their home or office space. 

MW Millworks tests its doors against the brute forces of hurricane winds down in Miami, Florida, and will not sell a door to anyone that has not passed every strength test. As for designs, we proudly specialize in bringing back old-fashioned looks from over a century ago and can create, mimic or match any design theme you’d like. In other words, when you make the decision to go with MW Millworks’ vast collection of doors, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the best of both worlds: doors that both look great and perform great. Contact our shop in the Charleston, SC area today to learn more about our custom millwork products or to start your historic restoration project!

Impact doors

MW Millworks continues to provide solid interior doors featuring sturdy construction and classic detailing, which are available in quantities to suit your needs. To learn more about the specifics of the impact doors we sell, please visit our “Impact Doors” page.

IMpact Doors

custom entry units

custom entry units

We offer Custom Entry Units which may include sidelights or transoms, which means we are able to match profiles of historic or contemporary designs.  To learn more about how MW Millworks can customize an entry unit for you, please visit our “Custom Entry Units” page.



exterior doors


MW Millworks offers Charleston homeowners a diverse range of options when it comes to exterior doors, including custom architectural doors and impact-rated doors. Whether homeowners are looking to enhance the beauty of their historic property with a unique, custom-designed door or prioritize safety and durability with impact-rated doors, MW Millworks has a solution to meet their needs. These meticulously crafted exterior doors not only add character and style to Charleston homes but also provide peace of mind through their high quality and resilience, reflecting MW Millworks’ dedication to combining aesthetics with functionality for the benefit of homeowners in the Charleston area.


MW Millworks is also proud to sell a wide variety of custom window options, including double-hung, triple-hung, casement, and fixed windows.  We specialize in True Divided Light and Putty Glaze historic windows ranging from sash replacements to complete window units.  Our talented staff will be more than happy to assist you with matching existing conditions or provide you with shop drawings for new designs. To learn more about the different designs and styles of windows we are able to produce, please visit our “Windows” page.