exterior Doors

MW Millworks offers a variety of custom doors made of solid wood using historic construction methods combined with modern technology.  We manufacture all of our doors in-house and have the tooling to produce whatever profile or panel type you may personally prefer along with various glass types.  All of our doors are custom-made and unique, so we are able to build whatever size you may need to accommodate your existing or new opening.

Do you like the look of an arched door? No problem, we can produce any arch top door based on your specifications with our custom tooling. Did you see something that looked great inside a rectangular frame? Excellent, we have plenty of options that can easily fit within rectangular parameters. Are you looking to bring back the memories of an old door outside of your grandparents’ house from fifty or sixty years ago? We can make that happen.

No matter what kind of look or style you may have in mind for an exterior door, our team at MW Millworks can get it done for you.

A Grand Entrance That’s Built To Last

The door outside of one’s house or place of business should be a little more unique than the average door. After all, this is the door that serves as the gateway between the outside world and the inside of your home or business, and thus it should welcome guests into the building with some style. Whether it’s a front door, a back door, a side door, or any other door that connects the indoor and outdoor atmospheres, this door deserves an appearance that cannot be mistaken.

But a good exterior door should do a lot more than just look nice. The exterior door of one’s building must be prepared to hold up in the event of severe weather, and as a general rule should last for at least three decades. An exterior door that looks nice is one thing, but an exterior door that looks nice and can withstand gale-force winds is what you’re really looking for.

At MW Millworks, we bring our doors down to the lumber yards of Miami and specifically test them against hurricane-force winds to make sure they can withstand the pressure of Mother Nature at her angriest. When we sell an exterior door, you can rest assured that the door was specially and repeatedly tested to ensure it was up for the challenge of standing strong against the mightiest of wind forces. And what’s more, that extraordinary high level of sturdiness is matched up with some of the best and most popular door designs over the past one hundred years.

Customer Service Is In Our DNA

The CEO of MW Millworks, Moshe Katan, grew up on a kibbutz in Israel. The kibbutz functioned as a sort of extended family, where values of selflessness and being willing to help others were of paramount importance. When Moshe moved to America and began to run MW Millworks, he brought those same values with him- and to this day, runs the company the exact same way. So when you choose to work with MW Millworks, you’re not only working with a company that provides excellent products- you’re working with a company that will do anything within the realm of possibility to make sure that you are 100% satisfied.