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In-House Custom Millwork
for Clients In the Charleston, SC Area

MW Millworks has been serving clients in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas for the past 30 years with a devoted passion for historically accurate millwork. We supply Charleston’s elite contractors with the best and most period appropriate custom millwork products on the market today for their historic restoration and preservation projects. We also have our new contractors covered as well with a full suite of custom moulding & trim, custom windows, custom wood doors, and more. We manufacture a wide variety of custom millwork products at our state of the art facility in North Charleston.

We offer specialty products including DP-50 (Design Pressure) and IMPACT-rated entry doors. Contact us today to learn more about our custom millwork services or to discuss your upcoming project with a member of our team!

From Idea to Reality

custom millwork from idea to reality

Moshe met a customer for a cup of coffee, when he bought the company. The customer then drew out what he wanted on the napkin and asked if we can do something like that. Moshe then brought it back to the shop to have the cad team draw it , after that the customer was so happy with it MW built it and it is the image  of our business today.

MW Millworks 

We specialize in
Historic Preservation & Restoration

Locally owned & operated

in North Charleston

MW Millworks is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Charleston’s historic homes. By producing our high-quality custom doors & windows locally in North Charleston, we not only ensure a close connection to the community but also contribute to the local economy. We take pride in every piece we create, infusing passion and craftsmanship into each custom door and window we produce for historic homes in Charleston.

With a focus on authenticity and attention to detail, we are the trusted partner for homeowners seeking to preserve the unique charm of Charleston’s historic architecture. Our commitment to sourcing the best materials in the world and crafting custom doors and windows with precision highlights our dedication to honoring the rich heritage of Charleston.

We have all your millwork needs covered.

Historic Preservation & Restoration

MW Millworks strives to maintain historic integrity on every restoration project. We offer a variety of custom millwork options to match existing conditions for a seamless transition. Our old world craftsmanship combined with modern tooling will provide a product that is both true to historic standards and built to last. We take pride in our community and its unique architectural standards. Our mission is to maintain its heritage while providing our customers with a modern product that ensures your renovation maintains it’s unique history.


Charleston Millworks services

MW Millworks in Charleston offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your door and window needs. Trust MW Millworks to deliver exceptional quality and service for all your door and window requirements in Charleston.

Custom Doors

Specializing in custom doors, they can create unique designs that perfectly complement your home or business. Their impact-rated doors provide added security and protection, ensuring your property stays safe during harsh weather conditions.

Historic woodworking

For those looking to maintain the historical integrity of their building, MW Millworks’ historic woodworking services are second to none, seamlessly blending modern durability with timeless aesthetics.

Custom Windows

Custom windows from MW Millworks are designed with precision and craftsmanship, adding both style and functionality to any space.




Store Fronts

Custom Entry Units

Columns and Ballusters


Garrage and  Carriage Doors

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Contact us and we will set up a free consultation.


After the consultation, we will provide you with an estimate of the work you requested.


Once you decide to proceed we will finalize any design details and provide you with a visual design and schedule a time to get started on the work.

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