Custom Exterior Doors


Part of MW Millworks’ dedication to providing premium product performance at an extraordinary value includes our production of impact doors. Today, we proudly produce and sell solid interior doors featuring sturdy construction and classic detailing, each of which is available in custom quantities to suit your needs.

Our solid interior doors may be purchased as slabs or units. All of our doors use engineered stiles for stability in all types of conditions, are solid-core or finger-jointed core, and use solid dowel construction. Among the various door types we produce are flat panel, raised panel, v-groove, and many, many more.

The thicknesses of the doors we produce can range greatly, but most of them are typically 1-3/8” or 1-3/4”. Our typical profiles are ogee or 1/4” round over as well as custom. If you have an older home, our team can assist you in matching any existing conditions or style designs that you might like. Some of the interior styles we offer are French Doors, Clip Top Units, Barn Doors, and Louvered Doors, and we have over a dozen more to boot! Interior doors cope and stick construction is similar to our exterior doors and built to the same standards.

Lastly, MW Millworks also produces interior door units with transoms to provide adequate levels of support. Needless to say, we don’t have any standard sizes that we work with- all of our sizes are made on an individual, unique, custom basis to accommodate any opening.


customization & reliability

When you purchase a door from MW Millworks, you can rest assured that the door you have obtained is built to last. We make sure that all the materials we sell can stand tall against the angriest forces that nature has to offer. As a result, the doors we sell have all the old-school charm you’ll ever find, along with all the modern-day sturdiness and durability one could ask for.

Customize Your Custom Entry Door

The beauty of a custom entry door is that it is just that- a customizable entryway that you can use your creativity and imagination- or your memory- to construct. The entry area to one’s house is the gateway inside the home, and thus, can be the first impression of one’s home. And as such, it should be constructed without limitations.

Do you have an old photograph of your grandparents’ house that you’d like us to reconstruct? We can do that. Would you like to model your custom entry door after the entry area of an existing house down the block? No problem. Do you have something completely unique that you’d like us to build? We’d be happy to work with you on that.

Old Looks combined with New Strength

At MW Millworks, we greatly enjoy the idea of bringing back old throwback looks from decades or even centuries ago. We embrace tradition in every way that we can, and we particularly love the prospect of reincarnating someone’s old look from their first house thirty or forty years ago. To us, there are few things that provide comfort like enshrining an old look into a new structure.

But by the same token, not everything about the old door or entry is best left as it was. Today’s physical structures need to be built tougher and stronger than those of previous generations in order to withstand all the fury of a tropical storm. That’s why at MW Millworks, we ship our doors down to the lumber yards of South Florida and personally test them against the hurricane-force winds.