Other Services

Perhaps MW Millworks is most well-known for the doors and windows we construct, but our services extend well beyond crafting just two types of structures. We can also construct shutters, and balusters, help you with your moulding and trim needs, and so much more!



MW Millworks offers a variety of shutter styles.  We have traditional Raised Panels and Louvered shutters as well as Board, Batten, and Bahama Shutters.  We can build custom sizes to match any window opening and louver or panel configuration.  We have several raised panel options and profile types.  We also offer beauty moulds, custom louver spacing, and the classic rabbet and bead for closure.


Moulding & Trim

Our milling department can assist you with your custom moulding and trim needs.  With a multitude of patterns and the ability to grind our own knives, we can match any profile.  See our Wood Moulding Catalog to preview our most popular moulding, casing, trim profiles, and stair rail profiles. We do interior trim including beadboard, shiplap, and tongue and groove.



Garage / Carriage Doors

Garage / Carriage Doors

MW Millworks can produce a solid wood Driveway or Entrance Gate based on an existing gate or help you with a new design.  We take into consideration longevity when designing our solid Sapele gates.  Our structural integrity and superior craftsmanship will ensure your gate will last for years.  We offer gates with or without pickets.  Need a gate with curves?  No problem, our state-of-the-art CNC machining can be programmed to mill an ellipse or arch.

Columns & balusters

Columns & Balusters

MW Millworks offers a variety of custom turnings. We will template your existing part or come on-site if necessary to produce a template for an authentic replacement. With a multitude of lathes, we are able to produce interior and exterior balusters as well as Tuscan, Victorian, or fluted columns.





MW Millworks has done a number of Store Fronts in the greater Charleston Area. Our goal is to provide the type of craftsmanship that will help attract customers to your retail space. We have several glass and glazing options to suit your needs. We also offer contemporary designs. MW Millworks can assist you with field measurements and shop drawings to help meet your design needs.



Recent Projects

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our photo gallery of past projects might just
be worth a thousand votes of confidence in what MW Millworks can do. Feel free to browse through our hundreds of photos to see for yourself how MW Millworks has satisfied its vast network of clients over the past thirty years.

Interior Doors

Different parts of your house may require slightly different types of doors than those on the outside of your house. Take a look at some of the interior doors that MW Millworks has built.


The ideal window is nice to look at, allows natural light into your home, and will stand strong against storms and debris. Take a look at some of the windows that MW Millworks has produced that check those boxes.


Shutters can have a variety of functions, each of which boils down to helping benefit the structure of your house. Take a look at some of the shutters that MW Millworks has put together.

Exterior Doors

The physical structure that serves as the gateway from the outside world to the inside of your house should be both beautiful and sturdy. Take a look at some of the exterior doors that MW Millworks has produced that satisfy those criteria.

Garage & Carriage Doors

Garage and carriage doors, like other sorts of exterior doors, should be both aesthetically pleasing and strong enough to withstand the strongest forces that nature can bring. Take a look at some of the garage and carriage doors that MW Millworks has built.

Entry Units

An entry unit to a house should be more than just inviting; it should also be sturdy and supportive of the structure around it. Take a look at some of the entry units that MW Millworks has designed.


The first impression potential customers are likely to have of your business is your storefront, so that storefront of yours needs to look amazing! Take a look at some of the storefronts MW Millworks has designed and produced.

Passage Gates

A passage gate, like an exterior door, is often a building’s first line of defense against external forces, and thus should be built as such. Take a look at some of the passage gates that MW Millworks has put together.

Customer Service Is In Our DNA

The CEO of MW Millworks, Moshe Katan, grew up on a kibbutz in Israel. The kibbutz functioned as a sort of extended family, where values of selflessness and being willing to help others were of paramount importance. When Moshe moved to America and began to run MW Millworks, he brought those same values with him- and to this day, runs the company the exact same way. So when you choose to work with MW Millworks, you’re not only working with a company that provides excellent products- you’re working with a company that will do anything within the realm of possibility to make sure that you are 100% satisfied.