historic restoration

Historic restoration is a very specific skill in which professionals can preserve outdated features of a home. It is a way to protect and safeguard the historical significance of not only a home but of a community. At MW Millworks, we are proud to offer historic restoration of your home’s doors and windows! When you decide to have any feature of your restored, it is vital you choose the right team to get the job done. Our team of professionals are highly trained and take the utmost care when completing historic restoration projects. The next time you are looking to have an historic restoration done in Charleston, SC, trust MW Millworks! Contact us today to learn more about our services and exactly how we can help you.

Benefits of Historical Restoration

Making modern updates to homes is becoming increasingly popular, but the beauty of historic restoration can’t be matched. Beyond just beauty, there are a number of reasons why historic restoration is a great choice:


Historic restoration allows us to connect with the past. These are physical reminders of how life was before us and can preserve the sense of a culture in a community. Older, historical features are designed in a way that can be difficult to replicate in new builds, so historic restoration offers a great way to preserve your neighborhood’s culture!


In tandem with culture, the educational opportunities that come with historic restoration is extremely important. The tangible examples of our past would be lost without the work of historic restoration. This allows all in the community to see how life was, and learn from that.

Environmentally friendly

One major benefit of historic restoration is the lack of need for new materials. Any form of historic restoration project is environmentally friendly when compared to a new build. There is no need for demolition of any kind and you will not need to invest tons of new material!

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The benefits of historic restoration in Charleston, SC are vast. From helping the environment to preserving culture, it is a great choice when deciding to make changes to your home. If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer, please contact us today! We are proud to offer historic restoration to the Charleston, SC community and beyond.